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Lessons in Disco - with the 3MF!
Alex Saat, or preferably 3MF, recently released his magnificent “Now EP” on Emerald & Doreen and already is coming back with double dose of unearthly disco energy. There couldn’t be better title for his upcoming album than “Move”. Cause when you submerge yourself into this explosive funky title track you find your feet beating out a rhythm and your body tenderly shaking. Before you realize what’s going on you already started to... MOVE! This gifted disco wizard based in Mexico describes his art as “Music for dancing with your eyes closed”, nothing more there is to say. With this exceptional EP - to do justice to tradition – comes along a cheerful action pack of remixes crafted by some of our label’s favorite virtuosos. Copycat slows it down a little and adds his trademark vintage disco synths and some sexy lush handclaps. Elektromekanik delivers a pulsating, laid back lounge reminiscent of Kruder & Dorfmeister at their best times. MATTIZD takes it to the deep house floor and gets it going for the club while Elektromekanik just cannot get enough of the track and throws in an atmospheric instrumental dub version.
Finally the man himself brings it home with his insane 80s new wave rock “Digital affection”, quoting tongue in cheek the sound and style of famous Aussie band INXS. What a banger!

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