Anti-Nazi Mix

the info:
i had planned this mix already a few month ago and wrote the text below then. with the so-called "refugee crisis" that served as a scapegoat for an ever further mobilization of the extreme right as well as clearly showing the right wing attitudes amongst the middle class and the "center" of society, the fears i expressed have been surpassed by far by now. i can imagine that in a few month, weeks, these thoughts will too seem outdated with an even further gain of power by the right and the rightwing mindset. it's so very much necessary to take a stand now and say "no!".

the old text:
with the worrying tendency in europe, the rise of neofascist groups and movements, and a shift to the right and extreme right in public opinion, with the general population readily accepting fascist, nationalist and reactionary concepts and ideas again, it's time to take a stand. europe must not be allowed to fall prey to a fascist coup or restructuring. this dark night must not be allowed to be repeated. we will fight you, we will defend our rights and lifes and freedoms to our last. do you want to still have at least some degree of freedom and liberty in the next year, or live in a dictatorship or risk to be wiped out? we must not give way to these brutes. we must get up, and raise our voice.


01.Atari Teenage Riot - Hetzjagd Auf Nazis
02.Exit 100 - German Nazis Fuck Off
03.Nero - Youth Against Racism
04.Micropoint - Anti Nazi Vendetta (Part 1)
05.Micropoint - Anti Nazi Vendetta (Part 2)
06.DJ Freak - Anti Nazi Pack
07.Chosen Few - Chosen Anthem (Against Racism)
08.Party Animals - Die Nazi Scum
09.Atari Teenage Riot - Hunt Down The Nazis
10.Alec Empire - You Must Confront
11.Nic Endo - Instant Balm #1

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