Somatic Responses (Review)

Somatic Responses - Passages EP

this record had a huge impact on the scene. it received praise from everywhere. it marks a shift in the transition of the sound of somatic responses, from the 4/4 driven, industrial-acidish relentless tracks they did on the likes of their first CFET EP or on Shockwave, to the experimental, dreamy music with arhythmic beats, limitless sonic exploration and deep space sounds they became rightfully famous for.

A1 - Sickwave
Sickwave starts with slow, spacey synth stabs, sounding dark and futuristic. a friend of mine told me that he thinks the synths in this track are full of despair. maybe the most defining track of this record. then distorted and hard beats come in, with a rhythm that makes one want to dance to (is it offensive to describe a somatic responses track as "dancable"?) and get the track going. in the middle part the melody changes and we get a different variation of space travel sounds. i remember the PCD catalogue described this record as "sounds like lory d meets the mover" (or a similiar wording), this might be an accurate description for this track (without taking anything away from the individual, unique style of somatic responses).

A2 - Freezing Point
indredible. this can't be made on earth, it must've been created on a planet far far away. i don't know how somatics created these sounds and melody, but i don't think i've heard something similiar in other artists' tracks yet. this is just the far away future feel that seemingly only they can do.
the track starts with ice cold cascading sounds - "Freezing Point" is correctly named so - then very hard distorted drums kick in, with a 4/4 rhythm this time. more elements get added in and the melody changes, the track progresses in a good way. the drones at the end of the track give me an extra chill.

B1 - Milk Jugs
this is more of a traditional somatics affair here. faster, distorted 4/4 kicks and lots of sound exploration, and spacey synths too. a very great composition again.

B2 - Passage
Sickwave and this track are my favorite ones on this record. it starts with electronic sounds, then kicks off into relentless hardcore drums. it has a strong build up, first it is drums and effects only, and slowly synths are added which build up the tension and one starts to expect what might come. we arrive at it then; the kick drops off and the synths unfold to a huge composition of sound, like a space symphony, as i said, only somatics really manages to do melodies as this. after this breakdown, the drums come back in and synth and kicks move alongside. if dropped in a set, i am sure this track would give the crowd a total adrenaline rush from the start to the end of it.

this is a groundbreaking record, and one of the first big records of somatics in their own, special style.
if you are interested in the sound of the duo, this is likely something you would love.

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