Atari Teenage Riot (Review)

Atari Teenage Riot - 1995

the debut album by Atari Teenage Riot. they had been around for a few years before releasing this, but they were more active in doing concerts and gigs before that than releasing stuff (as far as i know). this CD came out when the first hype about ATR, Alec Empire and DHR was at its high, with a lot of indie/underground magazines such as frontpage (now defunct techno magazine) praising them for their music and attitude.
it is almost a "compilation" of tracks on this CD, with some live versions, some tracks from other output, some older and some newer tracks. the name "1995" thus is quite a good name, since the album captures a lot of what was going on in that year then.
since there are 12 tracks on this record, i will only review a selection of them.

1. Start The Riot

what an absolute killer of a track. it's a clever choice that this is at the beginning of the listening experience. from then till now there are not many tracks that could be compared in terms of high adrenaline experience. after the strange intro ("i would die for peanut butter"?), the track blasts of into an assault of beats, guitar riffs, screaming and shouting. this track is just so hard hitting, i can't describe it, you need to listen to it for yourself. a legendary track.

2. Into The Death

this is the track that had the most effect and impact on me on the first listening ever, more then any other music i listened to in my life. i heard it first when i was listening to the "harder than the rest" compilation. when that track came on shivers ran through my body and i felt intense. i re-listened to it over and over again on the spot, with the same effect.
on the structure of the track, it is very similiar to Start The Riot, but i do not mind that at all.

4. Speed

this is the track most people know of Atari Teenage Riot, as it was used in the mainstream movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". it is actually a very good track. the concept here is really well, it is an oldschool-ish Underground Resistance-like techno affair mixed with guitars and shouting. i don't think ATR ever made a track similiar to this again. it packs a lot of energy, especially since ATR made these elements really fit each other.

8. Hetzjagd Auf Nazis

this anti-nazi breakcore number really hit the scene hard when it came out. a necessary political statement and a very good track.

11. Kids Are United

the most unusual track on this record, with its anthemic singing and melody. i think someone denounced this as being too "pop" once. yet it was sort of a hymn for ATR fans back then and it still is for today's fans, i think. the video to it is quite known and features some hardcore slamdancing with a lot of the DHR people back then.
the track itself is a cross between breakbeat rhythms, electronic effects and punkrock.

12. Riot 1995

this track from this album is underrated, but it is one of my favorites.
basically just guitar sounds, effect machines and "riot" shouting on and on, it also has some killer vocals. it has its own emotion which is hard to put in words. well, i just love it.
"do you find it easy to confront your emotions, or do you run away?".

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