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Kamikaze is Japanese DJ/Producer who started in 2015.
He moved to Tokyo for gabber dj in 2017, and he launched his only early gabber party "Ga66a6oom" in 2018.
Kamikaze has played at many hardcore events such as the biggest japanese hardcore party "HARDGATE". And he spreads gabber vibes to japanese hardcore heads. He has best gabber vibes in Japan.

Wedlock - I'm the fuck you man
Predator - Out of Control
Lockjaw - Reactor
DJ Chosen Few feat Da Menace - I Refuze 2 looze
Ectomorph - Totally Computerized
Painbringer - Inner War
G Force - Come Down
Dariien Kelly & the Stunned Guys - Party Rico!
Lenz vs Pauly - Happy Bastard
Tellurian - Get Raw
Da Predator - Elementz of Danger
Promo - Ya Gangsta Music
Predator vs Wedlock - Roots and Culture
Zelator - Center of the Earth
Da Grimreaper - We Control Da Sound (X press Yourself)
Prophet & Omar Santana - Power Pill
Trypticon - Tryp To The Sub
Painbringer - Hardcore Future
Dj Buzz Master & The Hellscreamers - Go to next stage
Insane - I Effect
Knightvision - Knight of vision
Wedlock - Ganjaman
Arjuna - I would like buy a humburger
Scott Brown - Rock with the sound
Arjuna - You are a sucker
Omar santana - Necronomicon(Omar's remix)
Rodox Trading - Encounters
Lenny Dee & Dark Raver - Toda Rhythm
DJ Arjuna & The CTRL - The Bigger They Come
Cromtown DJ's - Electricity From Beyond The Matrix
Peckerhead - Taking it back
Ravemasters - Basslam!

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