From Soundcloud:

All tunes sourced via Total Destruction Records Bandcamp:
Total Destruction Crew - The True Core
The Manipulator Featuring The Soul Seeker - Game Over
Casketkrusher - Here It Comes
Casketkrusher - Toon TV
Casketkrusher - Mission Accomplished
Malice - It's My Beat (Stompin Mix)
Casketkrusher - Buzzin (Warhead Version
Casketkrusher - Total Self Destruction (Gangster Mix)
Casketkrusher - Yeah! (Motherfuk)
DJ Ad - Little Cunt
Maynor - If I could...
The Manipulator - Right About Now (Maynor Remix)
DJ Ad - Expyrience
RottenCore - Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil (Casketkrusher Remix)
Casketkrusher - For Dano

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