To Mega Therion

From Soundcloud:

Today, Taubenschlag Records, Speedcore Worldwide and I proudly present you the preview of my new masterpiece.

My new Album "My Sickest Desire" consists of 10 insane tracks in various core styles. Each track is made with lots of love and will soon come out on a sexy vinyl style CD and a unique steelcase. The beautiful cover artwork was made by Arusu Sakurato (Biscolon). Big honor!

There will be a limited amount of 35 copies only!

Get yours now at Taubenschlag Records!

I'm super excited, what about you? Share your thoughts!



01. Outbreak (Unstoppable) (5:02)
02. Heretics (Sinners) (4:16)
03. My Sickest Desire (4:54)
04. Broken (Unforgivable) (6:02)
05. Fear (3:31)
06. Suicide Gambling (3:23)
07. Delusions (6:32)
08. Kill Again (5:41)
09. Cum Dumpsters (Double Penetration) (3:43)
10. Nothing But Lies (4:20)


Soundcloud: @tomegatherion


All tracks written, produced & mastered by To Mega Therion
Album illustration made by Arusu Sakurato (Biscolon)
Video Preview & effects made by To Mega Therion

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