from soundcloud:

01.Terrorbunny - Hakke MF
02.M1dlet - Fuck them with Hardcore(Rottencore Remix)
03.Immutek - Taste my Acid
04.Larsson - Terrorize the City
05.Xqruciator - Bam Bam
06.Rottencore - Early in the Morning
07.Not a DJ - Nebula
08.Darius G - Midnight Madness
09.Hellcreator & Acidious - Return to Terror City
10.M1dlet - Take yo ass Home (Rottencore Remix)
11.The Destroyer - Drax Dungeon (Speedfolter Remix)
12.Tha Basthard - Make you Pay
13.HCM - Sirens Song
14.Zabba - Dobra (DJ Kobe Remix)
15.DJ Freak - Future of the Species
16.Arcid - The Living Dead
17.X-Cell 02 & Industrial Darkness - Apetite for Destruction
18.HCM - Body movin in a Wooden Box
19.The Destroyer & Speedfolter - No Headz
20.Schallfolter - Alcoterror
21.Industrial Terror Squad - Shut em Down
22.Damage Analyse - Vengeance
23.Outfluent - Light Disposal
24.Paranoic - Fit in your own Stiffness

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