Current 909

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To understand the project behind C909 :
When the concept for Current 909 was born around 1995 with the idea to combine sounds from movies, new wave, and industrial music from the 80s with techno and electro of the 90s which was still pretty obscure. While partly ahead of its time there were others with similar ideas combining the sobriety, melancholy and darkness of the former decade with the ecstasy of the current one. This mix brings some of these related tracks which were scattered over various artists and labels. Still too scarce to already form a sub-genre with its own name they seem like forerunners to some music of nowadays that operates in between dark electronic listening and dance music.

Artists in order of appearance:
Coil, Heinrich at Hart, Autechre, Neuroviolence, Current 909, Torsion,
Disintegrator, X-101, Re-Pitcher, Arrivers, Countdown FFM, Underground Resistance, Subtopia, Suburban Hell, Ilsa Gold, I-f, D’Arcangelo, Throbbing Gristle, PCP’s Phuture Project, Christoph De Babalon, Kraftwerk, Frozen, Spek, Marco Passarani

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