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EXE - Transmission - 004 - Ruckuz - (11/16)
Presenting the Alternative History Of Drum & Bass.

We're joined for the fourth installment of the EXE Transmission podcast by teacher, writer, DJ and contributor to the OnehouroneDJ Magazine Ruckuz. where he'll be taking us through his very own alternative history of Drum & Bass. With tracks that were instrumental in inspiring the Drum & Bass you hear today but you may never have heard.

We talk Old Record stores, Dogs on Acid and music factoids. Enjoy.

Christoph Fringelli and DJ Pure - Darkstar (Subversion)
Future Forces - Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy - Terminal 2 (Ram Record)
Source Direct & Instrumental - Yo Bitch (Demonic Recordings)
Technical Itch - Analysis (Moving Shadow)
Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn - The Sun (BSE)
Nosia - Seven(Wipeout Pulse OST) -(Division)
Raiden - Ratchet (Offkey)
Eye-D Kid Entropy - 640K- Hidden Remix (Soothsayer)
Concord Dawn - Morning Light (Timeless)


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