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For the first Messe Noire Podcast , we are happy to present you Bleim01 with this one hour set .
Bleim01 is an industrial techno music project born in 2014 from an idea of Bleim, dj / producer / sound engineer from italian illegal party scene. He was born in Milan and produces electronic music since 2009.
The sound of Bleim01 is rough, acid, dark, inspired by warehouse parties and underground industrial hardcore scene. He loves to old school industrial, old school frenchcore and other distorted genres with high bpm.
Actually he administrate, with Est#6, the Estinto Rec, a new vinyl and digital industrial techno label, and Musa recording, an under construction label for other underground music projects.

Labels: Estinto Records, Konkrezept, Raven Sigh, Wrongnotes


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