from soundcloud:


James Moriarti - Invaders
Lunatic Asylum - Near the Core
Dulce Liquido - Psicosis
La Peste - Rai Tech
Hardmarkz - Room Plate
Coffeecore - T Stands for Terrible
FFM Shadow Orchestra- Comprehension of Sweet Sounds
The Blaster - War is Coming (DC's 175 edit)
Redmore - Into Shadows
The Outside Agency - Pure Darkness
Dulce Liquido - Spectral Sound
The Dj Producer - Last Man Standing
Traffik - Incriminating Evidence (2013 Master)
Johnny Sideways - Baseplexxer (Forthcoming on Hit'nRun #4)
Busmonitor - New Front Ears
Synapse - The Blood
Decoding Drums - Shed Some Blood
Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Sulphur Fight
Ingler - T- Plus (Stefan ZMK mix Edit)
Fiend - 4 Channels
Micropoint - Quad Damage pt2
Torsion - Gore from Bleach
The Hard Way - Pentagram of Coke

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