Emerald & Doreen Records

from soundcloud:

With The Sweeps’ formidable Italo Disco Electro Pop Album 'Morning Maniac Music', we are returning to our roots. Ever since the release of their first single „Optimistic Melancholic“, a huge success in the small but vibrant Italo Disco community, Emerald & Doreen and Hamburg based outfit The Sweeps have been sharing a deep fascination for analogue synthesizers, 70s string machines, Fender Rhodes E-Pianos & synthetic drum computers. Combining sweet melodies with laid-back vocals The Sweeps dip into Electro Pop, Italo Disco and pure synthesizer nostalgia. Kristina Brodowski once again took over most of the lead vocals, not a few comparing her to one of the goddesses of sweet candy pop: Sally Shapiro

If you are planning a little nostalgic summer trip down to Italy, don't forget to take this album with you.

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