Cenk Akyol

from soundcloud:

Twenty plus years after their release, I picked personal favorite trance tracks that I still enjoy hearing today. I had two similar selection before. This one different then those by having more darker moments and intelligently used acid.

Music by; Luke Slater, Scan X, Alec Empire, Freddy Fresh, Joey Beltram, Zekt, Biochip C. and more...

Silicium ‎– Nowhere E.P. [Step 2 House Records]
Red Princess a.k.a Emmanuel Top
Scan X - [FNAC Music Dance Division]
[FORCE INC Limited 04]
Tahnja - [Analog Records USA 11]
Gagnia - Atropa
Sintox - [23 FRANKFURT]
Alien Factory - Tranquality
Gangsta - Symphony
Cop Killer - [23 FRANKFURT 023]

320 kbps

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