Shift Decimal

Boards Of Canada - Ready Lets Go
Squarepusher - Curve 1
Aphex Twin - Tree
ANE - No Chroma, No Raster, No Track
Marduk - The Appearance of Spirits in Darkness
DJ Scotch Egg - Pin-Pon
Mobb Deep - The Infamous Prelude
Ah Cama-Sotz - God is Dead
Bernard Fevre - Space Team
Grey Daturas - When Planes Attack
The Art Of Noise - Ransom on the Sand
Pierre Schafer & Pierre Henry - L'amour Aveugle
Bill Hicks - Lift Me Lord
The Xenaxium - Cyclical Vortex Resonator
Recalcitrate - Papillon Sample
Nick Wishart - Choral Whisper
Low Entropy - Ambient 8
John Carpenter - Call the Police
Laibach - Dear Friends
Tim Hecker - City in Flames Pt. 3
Robert Rich - Live @ Cleveland Sleep Concert 4.1
Bjork - Pearl
Vile Enginez - Chiroptera
Diane Labrosse, Ikue Mori, Martin Tetreault - Magneticum Phaenomenon
Inade - The End of the Beginning
7U? - Shopping Message...
Mike Oldfield - Bad News
Anton LaVey - Thine Alone
Death In June - Death is a Drummer
Negativland - The Gun and the Bible
Kid 606 - Andy Warhol is Dead But We Still Have Hope
Porter Ricks - Phosphoric
Lustmord - Zoetrope Trailer
Dirk Geiger - Night in Haskovo (Almaach Remix)
Beherit - Ambush
Sun Ra - Voice of Space
Spitfire Parade - Steering Wheel (Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ Remix)
Akira Yamaoka - My Justice for you
Hinterlandt - Through the Motions (AFXJim Remix)
John Zorn - Walpurgisnacht, Pt. 1
Pernicious Sovereign - We Rovewearelivehere
Frac - Frac0x00
Final - Round Our Bodies
Daniel Barbeiro - Not One Nor

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