2014 Charts - Best Mixes of 2014 A

it's this time of the year again... time for the roundup of the most interesting and exciting mixes and livesets of the year, from the various fields of experimental and hard music.
so, without further ado, here is the listing:

Hardcore / Dark Music:

Li-z - Return to 2017 - Rooted In Darkness

SNTWN Podcast 074 - Minimum Syndicat - 05/2014
Dark Techno

The Speed Freak - Early Terror Set as played @Pandemonium, Dec06 2014

Seb - Koretex Mix Old School IST And Cold Rush Acidcore - Hardcore Le 19.03.2013 (2013, but only uploaded this year)

Xylocaine - 2RRR - Thematics set 25/10/14

Devil Vibes From Outerspace : New Flesh Session Mix

Nekro - Acid Razor

I-F aka Beverly Hills 808303 @ Back To The Acid Planet, Trouw Amsterdam (15-08-14)
I-F style

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