Dustor Sheean VS Low Entropy


Round Two


01. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! (Second Alternate Instrumental Mix)
02. Dustor Sheean - Bass (Instrumental Version)
03. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! (First Raw Mix)
04. Dustor Sheean - Total Terror (Alternative Mix)
05. Dustor Sheean - Schrei
06. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! (4-4 Version)
07. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! Live@MS Stubnitz Hamburg 04.09.2003
08. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! Live@Triebwerk Dresden 21.03.2004
09. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! (Live@Tresor.Berlin 18.04.2003)
10. Dustor Sheean - Break Out! (Live at All Out Demolition! III)
11. Dustor Sheean - Escape The World
12. Low Entropy - Alpha Centauri (First Original Mix)

the second part in the releases of Dustor Sheean and Low Entropy tracks. i must not repeat the Dustor Sheean history I suppose - a band project in a "digital hardcore" vain, consisting of me as producer+vocals and a woman named freddy for ideas+vocals. there was a lot planned with it, but only one track was "regularly" released, and in the end it got lost in the stream of time.
yet, to me, it would be shameful if the material that actually got produced, would've been lost to time though, especially as i have a fondness for unreleased, unfinished, sketches, improvised and planned tracks, and like them more as the tracks that eventually got released, in many cases.
this focuses a lot on various live perfomances of dustor sheean material, in a net spanning from dresden to hamburg to berlin and the hague. to make it a whole, included is a solo track, the rare original version of "alpha centauri".
and, as a special thing, the first new dustor sheean track after 10 years - "escape the world"!

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