Blog Changes

I've been planning to do a major change to the blog. Switching from daily updates to irregular updates. I've kept daily updates because, well, people like to check the blog every day, and a lot of people probably "can't be arsed" to do an irregular check of the blog. Also it was sort of the theme of this blog and kept the blog running, and it was also a check for me to see if my life is in order if I can still make kick-ass (I hope) updates every day (half a joke, half the truth).
Anyway, soo.
Irregular updates mean that the quality of updates will be higher, as I can wait to put online the really cool stuff (I hope) (again).
So please don't be of little faith, and keep checking the blog even though the updates are not daily anymore. On the other hand, you are, as Tony Wilson said, free to fuck off (a joke) (again) (I hope).

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