Blog Changes

The blog is gonna change a bit.
As you know, in the past there was at least one update every day.
Of course, over time, I felt that this was a kind of the strain for the quality of the posted tracks and the concept of the blog. *Having* to choose at least one track each day didn't leave me with as much choice of music, concept and ideas as it would have otherwise.
So i've decided to not do regular daily updates anymore, and instead just add tracks or content when I really feel that the track, video, mix etc. is special and different, and deserves to be presented to a larger audience.
Well that doesn't mean I will just add 'super' tracks, but you get the point. Not having to put up a track for every new day gives me more freedom and possibilites.
So this could mean that there are maybe 3-4 updates a week, or one update in 3-4 weeks. So don't give up on the blog if there is not an update in a longer time.
Okay, thanks for sharing your time with this blog in order to read this. Also let me present my thanks and regards to those who have been reading and following the blog for a longer time now, in all the time the blog is running now.

Low Entropy

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