2012 Hardcore / Experimental Charts

2012 Hardcore / Experimental Newcomers Year Charts

Still a bit early this year, but The Experimental Electronics And Other Interesting Music blog has already compiled a Hardcore year chart for this year. The idea is to feature newcomers, or artists that are underrated, so you won't find many artists on here that are on a lot of big labels and such.
If you like this idea or have suggestions, let me know.

Top 5 Acidcore / Acid

1. LCO5

2. Mystery Y
3. Bion-X
4. Anti-Core
5. Vortex Of Entropy

Top 5 Doomcore / Doomtechno

1. Industrial Demon
2. Dr. Paul
3. Syndroom
4. Dr Smile
5. Cyberstruct

Top 5 Hardcore / Noizecore

1. Pierz
2. Kourtek Sus Muertes
3. AntiTek
4. Win
5. Borbug

Feedback appreciated.

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