Exciting Artist Of The Moment

Exciting Artist Of The Moment

Okay the new "Upcoming Artist Of The Month" category is ditched again, after only been running for a month. The reason for this is that I get simply too much good music every month to just choose one artist. Instead this will be the new category. The idea behind this is simple: I get a lot of good music for the blog, but sometimes I find tracks that are even beyond the other great stuff. Usually by venturing into unexplored regions of music. The first artist that gets into this category is like this.

Exciting Artist Of The Moment
The pick this time:
Midnight Wookiee Combo


When I grew up, with all the electronic and futuristic music around, Lounge music already seemed pretty dated to me. Then, because of movie soundtracks (Twin Peaks! Angelo Badalamenti!) i realised that this genre can be very interesting too. Now with Midnight Wookiee Combo, this is a whole new thing, because it is a combination of electronic/futuristic themes and Lounge music. So it is best of both whole world basically, and an instant winner.

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