Four artists that blow my mind in the moment

there are good artists. then there are very good ones. and then there are those that have that extra, something that is even more than talent, who have the ability to blow you away when you listen to their works. these are four that are like that for me in the moment. not sure if they are newcomers or long in it already, but so far they seem to be pretty underappreciated.

1. LCO5
woah, he is just the man. words just do not fit to describe this music. if one should pin it to certain styles, which one shouldn't, i'd say it crosses into acidcore, experimental hardcore, with a hint of psytrance maybe. but he just has his own style.

2. Phantasm505
rarely music has such a strange effect on me. it just has a wonderful surreal vibe - well even that description is too generic for this music. phantasm505 has a wide range of styles from beatless ambient to breakcore and nicely cynic destruction tracks.

3. DrSmile
while i like doomcore, i'm always on the look for what i call doomtechno. that monotonous, grinding future style of early horrorist or mover tracks. drsmile has this and he is definately worth checking out if you might be into this style of music. also don't mind my comparison with other music, he has definately his own way of doing things.

4. Just Adam
just wow, wow, wow. his music is just so kicking, he puts an energy in all his tracks that is hard to describe. if you like hardcore that gives you a boost or makes you want to jump around, definately give his tracks a try. stylewise i'd put him mostly in the acidcore field, but again, it would be wrong to put it under one specific style.

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