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During the 90s, a small scene developed, composed of producers and enthuasiasts, who fused together the energy and power of hardcore techno with the experimentation and creativity of experimental and avantgarde music.
The result was a small but dedicated subculture with an ideology that was very nihilist and very hedonist.
This ideology might be best summed up by the slogan mentioned in the Fischkopf compilation CD: "Sie geben uns nix - wir nehmen uns den rest" (which could be very badly translated to "They never gave us anything - now we go and take whatever we want.").

Fischkopf was one of the most important labels of this scene. Created in Hamburg/Germany in 1994, it soon attracted plenty of producers, releasing 25 records between 1994 and 1998. These releases gave the label a rising number of fans and supporters around the globe, until Fischkopf ceased to exist in 1998.
Some producers moved to other labels, some changed to a different style in music. But for many hard electronic music fans, the sound of Fischkopf Records is something that has not been paralled elsewhere.

The background track is Taciturne - Infrustial.


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